Grant Plumbing

Grant Plumbing is a small family owned business that prides itsself with having over 30 years of experience, reliability competitive rates and a high end service. We have been doing plumbing all over London for many years providing all plumbing services and installing bespoke bathrooms with quality products and an exceptional finish.

We provide a 24 Hour Emergency Service and we answer every call. Our attention to detail and service from dreams and expectations through to completion are at the highest level. We are experts in leak detection and also specialists in all insurance work. From detecting the leak to dealing with the Insurance Companies, to fixing the leak and repair of the associated damage caused by leak. We provide de-humidifiers when required and complete all work to the highest possible standard, our attention to detail and service is second to none!

We also offer a consultancy for maintenance and preventative maintenance for multi unit dwellings.