P G M Heating

Has your boiler stopped working? Do you have gas central heating that has developed a fault? Very few people have the skills to be able to carry out their own plumbing and maintenance services. Trying to repair such an item yourself could be potentially dangerous and could also exacerbate the problem further. Call the qualified professionals here at PGM Heating and Plumbing today if you have any issues and make sure that you get expert support for your plumbing requirements.

Are you a landlord who rents property? Perhaps you are just starting out within the business of property renting. Ensuring that the gas facilities on your premises are safe for your tenants is a legal requirement, and you could be falling foul of the law if you fail to provide the appropriate safety certificates to demonstrate this. You could be prosecuted and liable if any injuries were to be sustained in the event of an explosion or fire due to malfunctioning gas facilities.