Trustworth Plumbing

Trust worth Plumbing is a Gas safe company. Our trustworthy plumbers are highly skilled traders, covering boiler repairs & plumbing in the London area, Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth, Norwood, Dulwich & More.

We cater for all boiler installations. Full central heating installations. We repair gas leaks and replace old gas pipes. We install free standing gas cookers, and gas hobs to the gas safe standards. We also cater for landlords yearly inspections. We cater for tenant change over. Eg: when a tenants tenancy has come to an end, we will go in and test all gas appliances then cap the gas meter to prevent further use of gas, making sure your property is left safe before the new tenancy starts. This is whats known as a Cp4. This should be carried out whilst the property is empty. This is suppose to make sure that the new tenant registers with the gas supplier.